Cocktail Creator - Eben Klemm

Failed novelist and aspiring restauranteur Eben Klemm is co-founder and partner in Cane & Maple, the global food and beverage consulting concern. A former biologist, for most of the last decade he oversaw all the bars for the restaurant group BR Guest, developing cocktail menus and staff training for all their concepts. In recent years, he has written wine lists and cocktail menus for the Starr Restaurant Organization, Marcus Samuelsson Group, Speedy Romeo and others, as well as develop bartender training programs for an educational institute in Colombia. As he wrote this paragraph he was surprised to discover that his book "Cocktail Primer" (Andrews McNeel, 2009) is available on Kindle.

Design Firm - Sway Design Collective

Sway design collective is a partnership (Craig Montoro and Bryan Mesenbourg) whose goal is to fuse clean minimalist design with hand craftsmanship to create custom designs of uncommon character and simplicity of form. Works are made with longevity in mind, where design innovation, quality materials and attention to detail are integral components of each piece produced.